Great Pla(i)ns: Industrial farming in layers.

Drone Documentary, 2019

Following the north-south US highways of the Great Plains during harvest season. A 1,000-mile (1,600km) journey—from the Canadian border at Bottineau County, North Dakota, down to Howard County, Texas—across one of the world’s most productive agricultural landscapes: predominantly flat by default, further flattened through intensive cultivation, in some areas enhanced by technology and protected by cover crops; in others exhausted, made blatantly clear when viewed from above. This film was made late in the harvest season: wheat fields have already been emptied; corn, sorghum, and cotton were being harvested; sunflowers, soy-beans, and other beans were still maturing.

Janna Bystrykh
Demir Purišić
Ximena de Villafranca
Bradley Kraushaar
Marvin Unger

Harvard GSD

Included in the Countryside, The Future exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum, New York